Trezarcoin Development Update 04.04.2019

Summary of Quartal 1 2019

We have successfully enabled SegWit on the Trezarcoin Blockchain, which makes it mandatory to have a Trezarcoin Client/Node running with the Version 1.2 or higher to participate on the Trezarcoin Network. – If you are still on Version 1.0 or 1.1 please update URGENTLY! If you need any assistance please join one of our Social Platforms to seek for Support.

Wallet Update

Trezarcoin Version 1.2.1 went live with a few fixes as well as 2 new features, ExportKeys and ImportKeys, which are available on the GUI Interface of Trezarcoin.


This is an easy Method to do a ColdStorage/Printable Version of all your Private/Public and Reserved Keys. Your Keys will be exported to a .txt File, which also contains the Labels of the exported Addresses.


This Method gives the Option to import Private/Public and Reserved Keys all at once from an ExportKeys command.

Input of this Function is the Exported .txt File.


Our Team is working on the Concept of our TrezarMessage UseCase, the release of the Concept is being aimed for Q2 2019.

Outlook on Q2 2019 – Whats coming up

Concept of TrezarMessage

ElectrumX Client

As many of you already know, we have ElectrumX Servers up and running, now the next step is to get an ElectrumX Client. ElectrumX Client will be a light Client for the Trezarcoin Blockchain, it will be possible to send/receive Coins without the need to synchronise the whole Blockchain.

Hardware Wallet

We aim to have Hardware Wallets available at the end of Q2 2019, they will be working on top of the ElectrumX Client, thats why we are combining these two goals on this part of the Roadmap.


Many people are asking about the Marketing and it will finally arrive! – We will run Campaigns on Facebook, Twitter as well as Bitcointalk to spread the word about Trezarcoin. As you might know, we aren’t a multi-million dollar ICO Project, so will start slow, but steady. If you got any Ideas feel free to join our Social channels and share them with us!


We want to thank our awesome Community for our recent CrowdFunding, we’ve managed to fund 1.5k$ within a week to get legal Documents for Trezarcoin which will help to get listed on exchanges. 

You are awesome!

Ask me Anything!

Last but not least, ChekaZ is going to host an AMA on the 12th of April, the AMA will be live on and be available later on youtube. – More details will follow, so please keep an eye on our Social Channels.