Dear Trezarcoin Community,

I would like to update you on the Development progress that is going on, besides the RoadMap goals.

BTCPay for Trezarcoin
– planned for February 2019
– What’s left? – > Native Blake2s C# implementation.

Getwork for Trezarcoin Version 1.2
– We have been investigating this issue since its removal from the original BitcoinCore code; it is a high priority for us as it will restore direct solomining to the client.
– Expected resolution in Q1 2019

UseCase TrezarMessage
– We are planning to release a detailed whitepaper, there is currently no ETA on this topic.

Community Client!
– We are happy to announce that we are planning to introduce a Community Client, we believe that this is important to fill the needs of the Community and give YOU a Voice.
– We will set up a CommunityDevelopment Branch, to separate it from the CoreDevelopment. We still want to have a “clean” Client for all services and service-provider.
– The Community Client has the Goal of getting ThirdParty Applications implemented directly into the Client ( Exchange links, BlockExplorer,…- )
– ChekaZ will monitor the PR and merge things after review, it’s important that the core code doesn’t get touched, so only the GUI or non-coreFunctions can be edited.
– We will be releaseing a detailed Plan on this topic.

Official Trezarcoin Pool
РThis pool will get a new 2019 update. More details to come in the following weeks/months.