We are close to the end of the year and I want to update you on the current development status of the roadmap. We have two points left:

– UseCase
– BTCPay

The Concept of the UseCase will be revealed on the 31.12.2018 – So we are in time on that one.

To integrate BTCPay, a few things are needed, and we are not completely done with it yet, so we wont make it this year. Trezarcoin is a really complex and unique Coin which needs a lot of custom coding so integrations arent just copy and paste.

These things are needed:

NBXplorer (done)
BTCPayServer (done)
BTCPayServer-Docker (done)
Docker (done)
NBitcoin (6/10)

So we have everything done except NBitcoin, there the progress is 6 out of 10 tests are passing, but we need obviously 10/10.

Thats the update on the Roadmap, Iam really sorry that we didnt make the BTCPay in-time, but I’ve underestimated the amount of custom code we need.

Kind regard,