New TZC Online Appearance

Trezarcoin in a new & modern design - New TZC Online Appearance

  • Why? Pretty simple: community growth and new investors. Many people who want to invest in cryptocurrencies pay more and more attention to the design of the currency and especially how the information is transmitted to them. In order to further expand the community and attract new investors, Trezarcoin has to convince with the strongest presence, the online presence. New, attractive, modern and convincing design should help here.
  • Do you want to see our TZC in a new design that highlights the wonderful ideology behind Trezarcoin? Do you want to see TZC climb? Then support us NOW with a small donation!
If you have any wishes/suggestions, please contact in Slack @tobi.ratzberger #general Channel!

Funding Goal: TZC
Total Raised: 3700