TrezarPool Android Application

How many times have you wanted to check your miners' stats but you didn't have access to your computer? How many times did you want to login to the pool webpage, using your phone, but it was so annoying that you just quit? How many times have your workers stopped doing their job and you didn't notice? We have simple solution for you - Android application for the official TrezarCoin pool.


  • Our project purpose is to create a simple application, for the Android platform, which will be a great compliment to your current tools, like scripts, spreadsheets and so on. You need to just open a TrezarPool application and everything is close at hand. We will develop it as simple as it can be. In our application you will find some general useful data regarding the TrezarCoin network, official TrezarCoin pool, and some stats for currency itself. Our main goal is to give users the ability to check current data for their workers and a summary about their whole account. Additionally, you will be able to check your actual wallet balance after adding your public address to the TrezarPool application. If you are interested, please continue reading below.

How it will work?

  • For most of the TrezarPool app functions we will need your TrezarCoin official pool account. You don't need to enter your login details into the TrezarPool application so don't worry about your privacy. For application functionality we only need your API key from the official TrezarCoin pool. But wait, I need to copy this long random letter key into my app? This is going to be a nightmare! That is a deal breaker. Our application will have a native QR code reader so no more handwork. Remember? Our application is simple - just login to the official TrezarCoin pool, open the app, and scan the code from your monitor, with your phone's camera. You will only need to do this once - the application will remember your key. After adding your API key you will be able to find the stats below (some of them will be accessible without API key):
  • pool and global statistics:
    • -pool and network hashrate,
    • -current network difficulty, block height and block reward,
    • -number of workers, fee, round reward, payout system and time since last block found for official pool
  • user statistics:
    • -total hashrate, share rate, number of valid and invalid shares,
    • -confirmed and unconfirmed balance,
    • -total earned and payout coins,
  • workers statistics:
    • -worker name and password,
    • -pool monitoring function disabled/enabled
    • -number of accepts and shares
    • -current hashrate and difficulty
What about your portfolio?
  • We also try to automatically retrieve your public wallet address, from your list of transactions, and you will be able to check your current balance. If you want to add your address manually you don't need to type it by hand. Just open TrezarCoin explorer, find your address, and scan a QR code from the webpage. Simple right?
  • For your address you will find the data below:
  • -account balance in TZC and additionally USD/BTC with current exchange rate,
  • -how many coins were received and sent by your account
  • -rich list position :) (hopefully on top of it)
Additionally we want to add some TZC coin stats like:
  • -cryptocurrency ranking position
  • -current price in BTC and USD
  • -24h volume
  • -market capitalization
  • -percentage exchange rate change in 1h/24h/7d

That's all?

  • No. If the current project is successfull and we find a lot of people are enjoying it, we are going to add more and more features. What about native monitoring of workers? How about additional stats, like a list of user transactions? Perhaps a list of found blocks or list of top users for the official pool? TZC profitability calculator? We are also open to your ideas. Just contact us personally or on the dedicated slack channel.


  • Let's help TrezarCoin grow together! Help us to fund our project. We will be happy to develop it for our whole community.


  • If you are interested, please join our dedicated Slack channel #trezarpoolapp or just contact us personally - @szumok @szczesiu

Funding Goal: 15000 TZC

Wallet Address: Ti9TEmHoqpPMBaKgw8bh9kTqLRVZVej21p

Total Raised: 0