With Trezarcoin 2.0 comes a new Wallet GUI as well as the TrezarMessage Layer which enabled sending/receiving decentralized and securely encrypted Messages.

First Iam going to showcase the new GUI which comes with Trezarcoin 2.0 for all platforms: ( MacOS, rPI, Windows, Linux )


  • New SideBar
  • Different Color-Schema
  • More functionality directly on the OverviewPage ( QR-Code for default Address )

Send Page

Receive Page

Staking Page

  • Complete new Page, which shows all important information for Staking
  • TZC Earned is a live statistic of how many stakes you got in the last 24h/7days/30Days/all time
  • Estimated Stake Time is an approximate of how long it takes until you will receive a Stake.
  • Each Stake is always 100 TZC.


TrezarMessage is a decentralized fully encrypted Messaging Service. If you haven’t read up on it, here is the concept Paper: https://trezarcoin.com/TrezarMessage.pdf

Right now TrezarMessage only works on the console of the Trezarcoin Client. Here are the functions to use it:

  • smsgaddkey | smsgaddkey <address> <pubkey>
  • smsgbuckets | Shows your Message Bucket
  • smsgenable | Enable TrezarMessage
  • smsgdisable | Disable TrezarMessage
  • smsggetpubkey | Get the PubKey of an Address
  • smsginbox | Shows your Inbox
  • smsglocalkeys | Shows all local keys
  • smsgsend | smsgsend <addrFrom> <addrTo> <message>
  • smsgsendanon | smsgsendanon <addrTo> <message>
  • smsgoptions | Shows the Options

How to use TrezarMessage?

  • Add the Address you wanna send a Message to with “smsgaddkey <address> <pubkey>
  • If you dont know the pubkey, use “smsggetpubkey”
  • Add a receivers Address + Pubkey
  • Send a Message with “smsgsend”

It’s that easy. – Just add a receivers Address + PubKey then go for smsgsend or smsgsendanon to send anonym. – Message will be relayed through all TrezarMessage nodes.

Stages of TrezarMessage

Phase 1: INIT (This is the actual Stage we are at right now)

TrezarMessage Layer on the Client, usable through the Console inside of the Wallet.

Phase 2: GUI Tab
TrezarMessage as inbuilt mechanism on the Client. TrezarMessage will get an GUI Tab, which will enable easy sending and receiving of Messages.

Phase 3: Mobile App

Phase 3 will feature the Mobile Application of TrezarMessage, so all function will not only be available through the desktop client, but usable via SmartPhone.

Download the new Wallet: