We are happy to provide the Concept of the next BIG UseCase we are aiming for in 2019

TrezarMessage – Trezarcoin Message System (Mobile Application)

The Goal of this system is to have a completely decentralized Message App, secured with the standards of the Blockchain.

Messaging Service via the TZC Blockchain.
Building a AddressBook on the Blockchain.
Register with your PublicKey – Verify with a Signed Message/TX-Comment + “ALIAS”.
Messages are fully encrypted, there is no need to exchange the keys before starting a conversation.
The Messenger will directly decrypt the incoming message.
Messaging will take place over the TrezarcoinInbuilt P2P Message System.
ALIAS has to be unique, first comes first serves, blockchain proofs who was first and will get the name credited.

This will be fully deployed on Mobile, iOS and Android.
It will be realized with ElectrumX connection, so no node is required on the phone.

No registration needed ( No Name / No PhoneNumber / No Location ).
The “Registration” is completed by selecting an “ALIAS” for the PublicKey which gets generated automatically.

1. Create Private-/PublicKey
2. Verify that you own this PublicKey via TX-Comment + Choose “ALIAS” ( Client or MobileApp )
3. Search for an “ALIAS” and start writing directly
4. Encryption takes place instantly, Message gets encrypted with receivers PublicKey
5. Receiver gets notified that a message was signed with his PublicKey and gets this message displayed, decryption of this message with PrivateKey

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