TrezarTravels released just awhile ago and is already seeing use cases! Now more exciting than ever, the site has received an overhaul on how it looks. Giving it a more professional aesthetic.

Also, searching for your hotel from the page will open another tab to Expedia, however, it will automatically sort it for you, showing +VIP hotels first.

As before, +VIP hotels are only accepted currently, but don’t forget there’s limited time 20% discount!

If you’ve been keeping up with the community, then maybe you already know. But it case you haven’t, the new wallet is officially in its open testing phase. So, hopefully we’ll see it go live soon, with it comes many new features and allows Trezarcoin to use more technologies.

There are also some hushed whispers in the back alleys of Trezarcoin, rumors have it that these are about the first marketing campaign.