What is TZCFarm?

TZC Farm offers the ability to stake your Coins safely via the ColdStaking function of Trezarcoin. ColdStaking gives you the opportunity to delegate your coins to a staking pool that pays out the rewards directly to the ColdStakingAddress created especially for you, while you retain control over your own assets at all times.

– Anonym
100% Trustless
– Easy to use
– Real Farming
TZCFarm does real Trezarcoin Staking, the estimated APY is 14%.


How does it work?

Set up your ColdStaking within seconds, these are the steps

– go to tzcfarm.com
– click on “Start Farming”
– Enter your “Spending Address” ( Your Spending Address is the Address which has control over the Coins, so make sure you have the control over this Address/backup the private key of this address.)
– Send the Coins you want to stake with towards the unique generated ColdStaking Address for you.

Thats it! You are done and your coins will start staking after 24h.

Visual Guide

Special Thanks to all the Contributers of TZCFarm. TZCFarm was crowdfunded by the Trezarcoin Community!


TZCFarm does Stake the Trezarcoin which you have deposited without any control over your Coins. Staking rewards are directly paid towards your ColdStaking address. Rewards are directly paid, the TZCFarm does not take ANY fees.